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"I had complications during my first delivery and hence as many advised to see Dr.Sumana Manohar, I consulted her before planning a second pregnancy. My journey with Dr.Sumana was extremely smooth and very different from my first pregnancy. I was fearless and pain free throughout. Every discomfort was immediately addressed to. Her very calm and poised attitude kept me relaxed me at every stage of my pregnancy. When I went into labour (during Covid-19), I was extremely panicked and worried but she ensured that was there at the drop of a hat as soon as I went into labour. Her very promising smile gave me great comfort and reassurance that I will sail through beautifully and will not be in pain this time. Due to Covid, she took very special care and discharged me as soon as I recovered at the hospital. I will always be very grateful to Dr.Sumana and her wonderful team. Just as they say, “she’s like a warm blanket. Very comforting and caring.”"

Ritika Jain

"As this was my first pregnancy I wanted the Doctor to be experienced and easily approachable. My search ended up in Suman clinic and with Dr. Sumana there whom was recommended by my colleague. I found her very soft-natured and listens to our concerns very carefully during every visit. Thanks Doctor for making my pregnancy a beautiful experience."


"Very friendly, soft spoken and wonderful lady. Me and my wife felt like we were talking with our mother. Very experienced and she has the capability of great treatment. We visited her 3 times and received full support from her. She has an excellent support team who are very professional. We strongly recommend her to all the patients from Bangladesh. Trust me, all of you will feel good after getting her treatment InShaAllah"

Shahriar Ahmed Ananda

"Dr. Sumana Manohar is a very soft and well-behaved person. At first, she makes us understand our diseases in a very simple way. She never is tired of listening to us and never be in a hurry. She is a very experienced doctor. I had visited her in a hopeless condition. She made us see a dream and made the dream true. Now we have a child. We are very very thankful to her. She is a goddess to us "

Anindita Sarkar

"I had PCOS problem and difficulty with conceiving. My cousin referred Dr Sumana. She is very polite and friendly and doesn't scare us unnecessarily. I had a normal delivery with induced pain. She helped me feel very comfortable through out my labour."


"Dr. Sumana Manohar is fantastic. She spent time trying to understand my problem. She is patient and sensitive. I was quite worried but she made me feel relaxed and described the procedure patiently. She has a positive, uplifting attitude. I went to see her 9 months later and she still remembered all the small details we had discussed. She will give multiple options and Patiently describe the pros and cons of each. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Sumana to anyone!"


"My mom is having post meno pausal problem which later found cysts in the uterus in our area Kolkata doctors said there is no hope for this patient but Mam Dr. Sumana Manohar she is one person gave a second life to my mother she is the best doctor I have ever seen from 6 am to 6 pm she always there for the patients she is a very responsible doctor and explains complicated problem in a simple way. Her judgment is very good. Touch Wood I recommend here to any patient who is having gynae problems for me she is an angel."

Rajib Roy

"She is a good doctor.she has done my operation successfully which I never thought at kolkata.i am now out of danger and I am feeling ok. THANK YOU SUMANA MAM"

Sathi das

"kind towards patients. As far as I know, more than 10 of my friends visited this doctor and got a normal delivery. 100% I will recommend to others."


"Excellent experience .recommend highly gynaecology problem she is very courteous and very informative re the problem I had. "

Saranya H DrMs


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