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Ear Nose Throat Surgeries

CSOM: cholesteatoma

This condition cause deafness, discarge & bone erosion  &  brain related complications . Varied Mastoid surgeries are being undertaken for the same

CSOM – Perforated Drum

Chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) is the condition wherein there is recurrent or persistent discharge through a perforation  in the ear drum. It usually occurs as a result of persistent acute otitis media with perforation in childhood. This impacts as a common cause of hearing impairment, disability and poor scholastic performance. CSOM is initially treated with topical therapy, however, in most cases, it is surgically corrected through a procedure known as tympanoplasty / Myringoplasty and if necessary combined with Ossiculoplasty ( for hearing improvment ) and Mastoidectomy ( For disease clearence )


Stapedectomy is the surgical procedure to treat problems of hearing loss caused due to otosclerosis. Otosclerosis is the condition wherein the patient suffers conductive hearing loss as a result of bone buildup around the stapes which keeps them from moving normally. Stapedectomy addresses this by removing the excess bone buildup.

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