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Diet counseling

Consuming majority of calories while also being conscious about the type of intake is something one must be careful about. The risk factors for chronic diseases including type 2 diabetes and hypertension is majorly linked to improper diet maintenance.

We at Suman clinic, provide individualized nutritional care for proper modification of eating habits. This will prevent the occurrence of any potential illness such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even suppress the risk factors of cancer.

Our primary assessment gathers information about the current dietary practice and nutritional status to identify possible factors of developing digestive and metabolic health complications. We then formulate a personalised diet, which is balanced with all nutritional components while also ensuring it is easy to follow without much efforts.

(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) PCOS is a condition where the ovaries develop numerous collections of fluid-filled follicles resulting in irregular release of eggs drastically affecting your wellbeing. Proper food and exercise play a vital role in treating this defect.Our team can provide a personalized diet regimen for you, based on your medical history. The diet prescribed to you can help reduce the symptoms of PCOS and help you walk on a healthier path.

The age group from 12 to 18 is vital for the growth and development of young boys and girls. Poor nutrition at this stage can weaken productivity and cause ill health in the later years of life. If young girls don’t get the right kind of nutrition during these years, they may be at risk of developing complications during pregnancy and childbirth. The prescribed daily nutritional requirements must be met for individuals in this age group.At Suman Clinic, we formulate diets to make sure your kids eat right and grow into healthy and happy adults.

Pregnant women need to get the right nutrients for both herself and for her baby. The right amount of quality food is necessary for the growth and development of a healthy baby and for the mother to be healthy and strong enough for the changes that will occur in her body. Getting the right diet while pregnant can be challenging with an overload of information on what can be consumed and what not during this delicate period.We, at Suman Clinic, can save you the confusion of various diets and help you narrow down your food options according to your dietary needs.

In cases of diet care with cases of diabetes and hypertension during pregnancy, special care is vital. Cycles of proper food intake and adequate rest should be maintained. At Suman Clinic we aim to achieve an enthusiastic cycle wherein, a dull boring regimen would be history. The goal is to provide harmony between the mother and the child, bonding over the right food, right care and a stress-free period for both.


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